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Services - Rat Control Services

Restrict the points of rats by simple modifications in the structure, Rat guard is the best solution from preventing rats to climb up to your house. These Rat guards are fixed on sewer, drainage, cctv cabals and gas pipe line. Premium quality and non corrosive metal sheet is used for rat guard.

Rodent Control - Sanitation Method

Without removing possible food sources and shelter resources, a trapping and bait program would be unsuccessful. By using only rodent poison baits and traps on an intermittent basis to control rodents, without any attempt to control other factors these rodent populations would quickly and repeatedly rebound. Even the highest quality of rodent baits would not be able to compete well with the available foods the current rodent population is already and comfortably accustomed to feeding.
• All rubbish piles and refuse need to be eliminated.
• Landscaped areas need to be properly maintained with wood piles elevated off the ground.
• All garbage containers and dumpsters should have a tight fitting cover.
• Rodents can live on the spilled and surplus food from bird feeders and pet food.

Rodent Control - Trapping Method

The premises where baiting is not advisable, rat control glue boards and snap traps are used. The glue pads and snap traps are placed are strategic locations. Here the rats are trapped and can be disposed off suitably. Thus, foul smell from rats dying in inaccessible areas can be avoided. This treatment is specially for indoor use.