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The termites are also called as “White ants”. These are social insects living in a colony comprising Queen, King, Workers and Soldiers. The colonies of subterranean.

Termites are located in the soil. Their basic food being anything containing cellulose, in search of food they gain entry into the buildings. Each termite colony has millions of individual members. The tiny cream-colored worker termites invade buildings and cause. Damage to structure often long before they are discovered. They consume and damage all

Types of wood, paper, hardboards, books, clothes etc. In search of food they also damage. Leather, rubber, electrical wire coatings, nylon, neoprene, thermocol practically.

rything man cherishes to own. They enter the buildings through foundation, expansion joints, lift wells, utility ducting such as electrical, telephone cables or tunneling through cracks in the walls. They also construct mud tubes for their movement, which is a first sign of presence of termites. They have ability to travel long distances in search of food. It’s common to see termites in top floors of multistory buildings.

mite Control Service comprises drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, soaking them with the termiticide and sealing them. This makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property.

Termites unknowingly forage through treated area, quickly passing the termiticide throughout their population. This leads faster control of termites.